Apartamento Valle Gran Rey

  • 400 € / Month
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Carlos Alonso
C/ Arenal
Edif. El Arenal, 12

38870 Valle Gran Rey
Borbalan - La Gomera
Teléfono (0034) 922 80 60 15
Fax.: (0034) 922 80 56 11


Carlos Alonso Real Estate

My office is offering tax adviser´s and lawyer´s services. Furthermore you can take out several different insurances. We offer support with these topics: book-keeping, employment papers (application and renewal), entry in land register, filing of petitions for licences, objection, administrative charges etc., income tax and wealth tax return, registration and cancellation of employees, insurances (car insurance, household content insurance, assurance, personal liability insurance etc.), legal advice, national insurance, notary´s office, residence permit, vehicles (registration, cancellation, change), wages slip and so on.

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Apto. Chijeré, Ref. 282
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